Breastfeeding FOR DADS - The guide for truly hands-on fathers

CONGRATULATIONS, you're going to be a dad!

So what do you really need to know about breastfeeding? It’s not as if you can actually do it yourself! Breastfeeding is a natural process with huge health benefits to both Mum and baby. However, the milk releasing mechanism can be interrupted by stress. This is unfortunate because looking after a new born baby can be challenging. In Breastfeeding for Dads we show you how to get hands on with the breastfeeding process, how to make yourself indispensable and keep your sense of humour.

Holidays are coming

Once upon a time three ‘wise’ men decided that the best presents for new dads and their family were gold, frankincense and myrrh. How to find gifts that are actually useful.


Erm, the clue’s in the title? But men don’t have breasts – not the interesting type anyway. Whilst Breastfeeding for Dads is aimed squarely at men, complete with cheeky humour and dad jokes, it is also enjoyed by women. It is often bought by women for the men in their lives who want to be hands on with the new baby, but may not be sure how best to go about it. We’ve cut out waffle, facts and extra information you probably don’t need, so a dad-to-be can find the information he needs in one place.

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Breastfeeding advice for a new family


A honeymoon is all about bonding with your wife in a special way and not getting enough sleep on purpose. A babymoon probably involves less sleep and a bit more screaming. It’s time to create a bond with your new baby and to re-forge a new, deeper connection with the mother of your child. Because although only Mum has the in-built gadgets to feed the baby, she’s going to need your love, support and encouragement. Many new fathers admit to feeling isolated after the birth, but they have an essential role in the smooth running of their new family.


They scream and wail, make an impressive amount of mess out of both ends, destroy your sleep but still become the highlight of your life. The father – child bond is very special. In Breastfeeding for Dads we show you, using a healthy amount of common sense as well as scientific and hard-won experience, how you can be both the best dad to your child and be a soulmate to your partner. You can also start practicing your dad jokes as soon as you like. Your child is not likely to laugh at them whatever their age.

A dad and his newborn baby

Russ King thought he had grown up when he got his psychology-based PhD from Cambridge University. Then he became a husband, father and writer. He specialises in making scientific information entertaining and enjoyable to understand. His written work includes the healthcare management textbook We All Fall Down and a guide to business networking in the form of a romantic comedy novel Mixing Business with Pleasure? 

Russ mixes his writing work with being the main carer for his two children aged 13 and 11. He considers it an accomplishment that he made fewer mistakes helping with the second baby than with the first.

Claudia A. Pfeiffer juggles her many roles as a woman, wife, mum – of two almost adult savages, alternative health practitioner, trainer, entrepreneur and writer. With a focus on women’s health and the beneficial roles of a doula, she accompanies couples before, during and after their pregnancy. She has helped many men flourish as new fathers when they are given specific roles to fulfill within the new family unit.  She trained with Childbirth Guru Dr. Gowri Motha (Gentle Birth Method) to become a Creative Healing teacher for the German speaking countries. The massage modules presented in this book are part of this gentle and soft technique.


According to the African proverb – it takes a village to raise a child. While it’s fantastic to hear that you are not on your own, you don’t want that village to all arrive at once. Especially not when the baby is about to be fed! Breastfeeding for Dads gives tried and tested tips on crowd management, not to mention ways of encouraging guests to bring food for you all – and to take away the dirty cooking trays!

Breastfeeding massage


Surely it’s not a good idea to massage breasts when they are full of milk? Our breastfeeding massage is actually done on the back and the neck and it helps soothe Mum, clear tension and blockages and stimulate the production of milk. We give a 10 step, easy to follow guide, to work massage magic with your fingers. Your Partner of the Year award is within your grasp – just make sure your fingers aren’t too oily to grab it.

Soul food for breastfeeding mothers


You’re not going to be cooking Michelin star dishes just after the baby is born, but you do want to ensure Mum has all the nutrients she needs to feed herself and the baby. In Breastfeeding for Dads we cover a common sense approach to filling the freezer with suitable food. Not to mention discussing useful ingredients that can be quickly make into delicious snacks that help boost milk production. Chocolate covered power balls anyone?